Why Messages Sent On SMSclone Might Not Deliver & What You Can Do

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BulkSMS sent through SMSclone are mostly guaranteed to be delivered. However, in some very rare cases, your messages might not be delivered and we thought you should know why and what to do about it.

If you are experiencing any bottlenecks with message delivery on the SMSclone platform, it will most likely be due to any of the reasons below:


  1. Improper Excel Formatting. Where uploading your numbers in an Excel doc, ensure they are formatted as “text” so the initial “0” in your number string is retained.
  2. Improper Notepad/Typing Format. In the case where you are using a notepad or typing in recipients numbers directly on SMSclone, you should ensure that your numbers are separated by a comma (,) or appear on a new line. Failure to do this will make the message fail.


  1. Unregistered Sender ID. When you send your messages to MTN numbers without registering your Sender ID, the message will not be delivered.
  2. Irregular Sender ID. Your message will also fail if you type your Sender ID in a format/case different from how you registered it. E.g. Your registered Sender ID is “SMSCLONE” but you input it as “smsclone” or “SMS clone,” that message will fail because the Sender ID will not be recognized.


  1. Network Error. This is quite rare but however, it can happen. Messages sent might fail as a result of network errors from the service providers.
  2. The recipient’s number is incomplete or malformed. When this happens, the system will be unable to determine the service provider to which the number belongs to and as a result, unable to deliver such.


  1. When you don’t have enough units. Your message will most definitely fail if you do not have the required number of units to get the message sent.
  2. Your messages may fail if you are sending them to a number currently on DND. To resolve this, simply ask the recipient to deactivate his line from DND manually or contact his network provider to do an automatic deactivation. Read how to deactivate lines from DND.
  3. Your message will fail if it includes blacklisted words in the message body or Sender ID. Examples of blacklisted words are “vote,” “APC,” “PDP.”

Well, that’s that. You shouldn’t have any issues with your messages delivering anymore. In any case where you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach SMSclone support through live-chat on our website, sending a mail to info@smsclone.com or calling us on 08171010561, 08130559165.

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