The Relevance of SMS in the “Texting” Age

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sms in texting age

Do you know how many times a person checks his/her phone in a day, on average?

85 times! Yep, that high.

Next question: What activity do people do on their phones the most when they check them?

Well, for this, there is quite a number. We would try to list the top 5 checks smartphone users perform on their phones:

  • Check the name of music playing
  • Check Notifications
  • Check for new messages from social media and SMS
  • Check for missed calls
  • Check emails

So we have our Top 5, right? Now, let’s narrow it down further by running our Top 5 checks against the top mobile activities of phone users. The question is: what do people do the most with their phones?

sms in texting age

Google answered that question in 2016 with a report showing that 394% of mobile activities go to “Messaging & Socials”. So now we have two related activities in scope: Text messages and social networks.

A simple analogy would help us understand the relevance of text messages (SMS) over social media texting.

Let’s assume you get an SMS and a Facebook chat at once, which are you likely to open first? Our money is on the SMS. This is because text messages connect with people personally than social media chats do. People are likely to open text messages before seeing a WhatsApp or Instagram chat.

That is why SMS has a 98% open rate; a 70% topping of email open and tagging very close to social media texts. As a mobile marketer, the majority of your target audience is probably looking at their phones at the moment.

While there is more to SMS marketing than open rates alone, we cannot deny the relevance of SMS as a marketing medium even in the age of social media. Great mobile marketers and many top businesses know to create a mix of SMS, email, and social media marketing which enables them to reach more audiences and increase conversation.

sms in texting age

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